Crossroads do care… about first aid!

Here are some photos of a lovely Emergency First Aid at work I delivered at Crossroads Care for Young Carers. (just click on a picture for a closer look) Crossroads is a fantastic charity offering valuable support to young people who have a caring responsibility at home. They recently featured in a Comic Relief appeal shown on local TV, which showcased their homework club, a vital part of the charity’s efforts to ensure that the same positive outcomes and opportunities are available for young carers as for the rest of society.*

HSE requirements state that first aid  must take account of working patterns, off-site work and out of hours work. Because they work flexibly and creatively, in young people’s homes and in the community, everyone on the staff needs to know how to respond in an emergency. So one Saturday morning we all got together for some training- it’s one of the few times the whole team get together. So I ended up taking a new staff photo, and sharing in the celebrations and birthday cake. It felt more like a staff reunion than a training session, and I was welcomed right into their team. So much so I’ve been invited back to deliver some sessions with young people for a Health Day in April. All in all a grand day out!

* As I can’t find that video, here’s what happened when Ant and Dec visited the project in 2008

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