Looking forward to First Aid?

It’s great to get feedback from previous courses, and I was pleased to hear this from one of my Archery-specific Emergency First Aid courses. I’m absolutely determined that when people choose Source and Summit, they look forward to renewing their certificate with us, not dread the day they have to attend.

The last First Aid course I did was awful; it was all about the possibility of getting sued and I actually couldn’t wait until my certificate expired because I didn’t want to practice First Aid if a situation arose and I had to jump into action. But then when I did Patrick’s course it made me so much happier and more confident about acting if needed.


Nicola is a Level 2 Archery Coach with Norton Archers and a fantastic Longbow archer, so hearing this from a fellow coach and communicator makes it all worthwhile. But sadly, she’s not alone in her experience of First Aid. First aid can be a tricky subject- people naturally are concerned that they deal with emergencies well, but be reassured, both case law and health and safety legislation is on your side. I often have to overcome people’s low expectations of training to give them the best experience. Our courses show it doesn’t have to be like this. We don’t click through interminable slides, talk in monotone, or wish the day was over as soon as it’s begun. First aid is practical, engaging, important and a pleasure to teach! And as you can see, we had a great time: (Thanks Julie Ryan of Smile Archery Coaching for the photos!)

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Have you’ve ever experienced uninspiring, dreary first aid training, delivered with little engagement or enthusiasm? Have you left a course feeling less confident, not more? If so, feel free to whinge about it in the comments below. Then book with us, to make sure it never happens again.

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