First Aid Training

At Source and Summit our First Aid Training is:

  • Practical and Engaging.

We learn far more by doing than by sitting and listening to how it should be done. All our courses emphasise the practical side of First Aid, and allow you to experience scenarios designed to give you confidence in your role as a First Aider. Our outdoor courses use forest classrooms, but most of the training happens right where you’d expect it to- the outdoors.

  • Accredited and recognised

Our qualifications attract credits on the QCF, and are overseen by Ofqual. The new Level 2 Awards in Emergency First Aid and the Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work replace old HSE qualifications and are recognised by the HSE as fulfilling your requirements for First Aid provision. Activity First Aid (Level 2) fulfils the requirements of sports and outdoor governing bodies such as RYA (water based) MBLA/CTC (Cycling) and MLTE (mountaineering)

  • Backed by independent experts

We work in partnership with Nuco Training, the UK’s leading independent First Aid training company, to ensure that all our instructors have up do date knowledge and training techniques. Each has a minimum Level 3 Qualification in Delivering Learning. Our Awarding Body, First Aid Awards, is responsible for ensuring we teach robustly and accurately, and meet all the outcomes for each award.

  • Relevant and bespoke to your workplace

Our flexibility allows us to tailor each course to your specific requirements, and our tutors will respond to your needs. We can teach using your venue or ours, and design a course timetable which fits alongside your working patterns. If there are areas of first aid specific to your workplace they can be included on the syllabus alongside the core areas which we teach. 

  • Affordable and Accessible

 We aim to provide an excellent service at a very competitive price. Using your venue can reduce course costs dramatically. For voluntary and community organisations, we can help you source funding for learning. It may also be possible to subsidise a smaller course by offering spaces to other organisations in the area. Please contact us to find out how we can help.

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